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All or nothing: a minimum of 1.6 ETH (1.9 ETH max) must be raised for campaign to be successful.
Campaign ended Nov 21, 2023 at 9:59pm
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Goal was not met. Contributors can now withdraw 100% of their funds.
Campaign ended Nov 21, 2023 at 9:59pm
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Currently, I write all my content on a MacBook issued by my work.

If I leave my job, which I’m considering doing, I won’t have the tools to produce my content. For some time I’ve been trying to raise money to invest in a new MacBook.

My low cost patronage NFT was originally designed to help bring in the money to fund such things, but to date, I’ve never broken even in the initial investment of roughly $1100 USD. Recently, I drafted a PDF as NFT 1/1 that explains my situation and posits that if someone mints it, I will have the funds needed to become a self-sovereign content creator. Sadly, that too yielded nothing.

So I propose a crowdfunding. If I reach the goal, I will issue a free patronage NFT (on Base) to every supporter of 0.01 ETH or more. I will also burn the 1/1 NFT.

The goal value is to purchase:
- A 15inch MacBook Air M2 with 16gb of ram ($1999 CAD)
- AppleCare for said MacBook ($299 CAD)
- the tax for the purchase ($344.13 CAD)
- the income tax I will pay on this raised “income” ($804.30 CAD)

Total: $3446.43 CAD = $2510 USD = 1.55 ETH

----- Updated 11/5/2023 6:57:55 AM -----

I think I can scrounge together $800-1000 CAD to put towards this. So if we can get to $2500 CAD (0.97 ETH) I’ll be able to deposit the rest so the campaign doesn’t fail. I assume everyone would be ok with that. Respond on farcaster if not.

----- Updated 11/14/2023 1:01:21 AM -----

There was a steep discount on this model of Macbook Air in the Apple Refurbished store. I decided to jump on it, using all the money in my emergency fund since I think this campaign will fail, and I'm worried about the timeline of losing my work computer.

I'm grateful to everyone who pledged support and it would mean the world to me if you'd be open to contributing directly if/when the campaign fails. My financial situation is essentially the same as before the campaign though I had managed to save some income to pay about 50% of the pre-tax value.

I do have 15 days to return the macbook so I may do that if financially necessary or if it is not sufficient for my needs.

----- Updated 11/21/2023 10:17:02 PM -----

The campaign was unfortunately not a success. C’est la vie ! I’m so grateful to everyone who supported. As I said in my previous update, I liquidated my savings to take advantage of a deal in the refurbished store to ensure I could get the tools I need to keep creating. For that reason, if anyone is still willing to contribute, I’d be so grateful. Of course I don’t expect anything and I respect your decision. If you’d like to, you can do so directly to thumbsup.eth

Thanks again for believing in what I do <3