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Campaign ended Dec 07, 2023 at 2:01pm

I'm building a Farcaster Client to nourish us, push our thinking forward about how art is made and experienced, and to challenge us on how we live well in our web3 enabled future.

Help me build CoCreated 🎈

- Artist-driven client for collaborative art.
- Embracing slow social - meaningful, unrushed connections.
- Prioritising our wellbeing with enriching experiences.

See the work so far at https://app.cocreated.xyz/ffall

💸 Double your impact - with every donation matched up to 1ETH by Fabric.

🎈Introducing the CoCreated Client

An Artist led Farcaster Client, pioneering collaborative art -> I work as a community artist to build experiences that reveal something new about our world. By creating a FC Client for participatory art experiences, I intend to bring these elements to the fore:

- The fundamental perspective that we are all artists (we all have something profound and beautiful to say if we can find our voice), and that art is an experience that we are collectively making.

- A change of pace - slow social - the client is designed to be nourishing not demanding, a positive experience that is there for you once a week, or once a month, no pressure, there in the background - a community that you create with.

- The ethos articulated in my artist statement (https://paragraph.xyz/@cocreated/artist-statement) at the heart of which is Optimising for Fun.

🎈The Impact?

- A FC native tool that builds our wellbeing and our creativity

- The development of a new category of community enabled art

- A community owned art collection (the CoCurated art vault)

- At least one new artwork from and for the community every month

🎈Your Role

Finance = Fuel. Whilst I am doing this primarily to nourish my spirit, I also intend to make being a digital community artist my main living. Any contribution you can make adds energy to my work, and strengthens the argument for me putting more of my time here.

If what I'm doing energises you, please add fuel to the fire by sharing and participating in the community. Get involved at https://warpcast.com/~/channel/cocreated

🎈Perks for Supporters

Supporters get regular artwork, a share of our CoCurated art vault, participation as much or little as you like, access to all the experiments, and to be a founding supporter of something that will make this space more nourishing and more fun. Here are the levels:


- Thank you CoCreated piece airdropped with my sincere appreciation

💸CoLaborator - all supporters over 0.06* ETH

6 months membership subscription (coming soon on Hypersub) which includes:

- CoCreated community art piece airdropped each month

- All scenius pieces airdropped while a member

- Participation in limited access pieces including the OG in CoLaborator piece

- Curate the art vault

- Share of the art vault (so long as you are part of the community)

- Early and Backstage access

- Supporter recognition

- Participation in CoCreation workshops on Unlonely

- Access to members only functionality in the client

- Your own CoFID

- Core Community to shape this experiment

- Entry into monthly raffles for 1/1 work or a CoCreated workshop with your friends/team

*If the CoLaborator ask is beyond reach, message me to find alternative ways to collaborate.

💸CoCreator (all supporters over 0.2 ETH)

All above, plus:

- 12 months subscription, including 12 CoCreated pieces participation & airdrop

- First refusal on opportunities

- Consultant access to Chris (up to 3 hours on leadership, creativity, community art, digital art, coaching)

- CoCreator recognition

💸CoPatron (all supporters over 0.6 ETH)

All above, plus:

- Special recognition (if desired)

- Lifetime membership and appreciation

- Priority access to commissions

- CoCreated workshop for you company off site or personal party

🎈Fuel the CoCreation💸

Help web3 to be a nurturing and empowering place, where we are all able to express our creativity.

Be a seed supporter and create the conditions for this experimental idea to grow and thrive.

Thank you,
Chris 🎈

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Subscriptions are launching!

Contribute 0.01 ETH or more to receive a CoLaborator subscription. For instance, a 0.022 ETH contribution grants a 2-month subscription.

This applies to all past contributions of 0.01 ETH or above as well.